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Expertise appreciated as far as Guadeloupe

With its know-how in chocking and anchoring for rotating equipments, the company POLYRESINE was present in Guadeloupe beginning of this year 2021, not for the first time. The ALBIOMA biomass thermal power plant located on the Moule site in Guadeloupe currently supplies a third of the produced electricity on the island. Their installations which use a part of local resources by producing energy, requires machines modernization and new installations. That’s why, since 2016, ALBIOMA requests the company POLYRESINE, whose head office is located in Ile-de-France at Boissy-l’Aillerie (95)

POLYRESINE is specialized in realization of interface between machines and their supports using high mechanical properties epoxy and mortars, such as Chockfast®. Most of industrial installations are under strength, as vibrations and also corrosive environments, which on long-term period lead to support degradation. In the best cases, reparation is unintentional but doesn’t have consequences on global site running but in the worse cases production is completely stopped, as POLYRESINE technicians always highlight.

Based on this principle, for several years, activities on the Moule site consist to chock air cooler reducer, turbines bearings, engines and ventilator (pictures below with Chockfast® Red). From 1 to 2 weeks are necessary for each work according to equipments type, support complexity and work realization (anchoring, chocking and injection). 

These skills are more and more searched by industrial people wishing to maintain the equipments over time. Further work has already been discussed between POLYRESINE and ALBIOMA for 2022, proof that POLYRESINE offers durable solutions to industrials.