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Thousands of liters of resin

The new cryogenic ethylene storage unit of KEM ONE Fos-Sur-Mer (13) under construction in 2021, required intervention of large number of subcontractors for its installation. POLYRESINE, as chocking specialist, has been called for this large-scale project.

Target was to chock 6 skids, including 3 supporting compressors and 3 supporting coolers. Those skids, which up to 10 meters long, required 4 of our Chockfast® technicians who have poured more than 10 000 liters of resin Chockfast® Red !

It has required discipline and flexibility from all actors in order to follow as best as they can the planning defined previously with the customer. Indeed, to optimize the time work of POLYRESINE, each step of our application has been planned et daily reviewed in order to involve ressources at the right time and allow ohter subcontractors to work on the area.

Our team needed almost 5 weeks to realize the global work, a record for such resin volume ! Without taking into account few liters of sweat from our technicians… 😉