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High quality rail system

In addition to be for a long time beside the leaders of marine industry and heavy industry, we have convinced the actors of rail industry to trust us !

Our epoxy resins have excellent mechanical properties, so it replaces efficiently solutions based on concrete material. Epoxy resins have the advantage to offer a reliability on long-term period and save time during the set-up (polymerization in 48h instead of ten-days period for concrete…)

That’s the reasons why our Chockfast Red SG has been chosen for plates chocking on Port 2000 at Le Havre (76) !

In addition of Chockfast Red SG, we also supply Chockfast Grey (there are really lots of colors .. ! 😄) for anchoring.

September 2021 has been marked by the supply of around 40 000 liters of Chockfast resin. Those 40 000 liters arrive at the construction site on-time. That’s a really good point in view of the current situation linked to general missing of raw materials. ✔️

Departure of the last truck to Port 2000